Herbal Kidney Cleanse – Understanding the Benefits

There are several different kinds of herbal kidney cleanse programs out there, but despite all of the options, health will mainly boil down to taking some health enhancing supplements and making important dietary changes. There are some radical cleanses out there such as the master cleanse or coffee enemas, but these are usually done mainly for weight loss purposes.   A kidney cleanse is done in order to make the organs stronger by flushing out all of the waste and toxins that have accumulated over time. In order to do this type of cleanse you’ll need to purchase some items ahead of time, such as tincture, kidney tea, blood cleanse tincture, fresh fruit and some wheat grass.

Obtaining Kidney Safe Products

herbal kidney cleanseYou can purchase special tinctures and teas online from an herbalist or stop by your local health food store. Your next step will be to go to your local grocery store. Purchase cayenne pepper, lemons and limes, fruits and veggies to juice and distilled water. Some people will choose to only use the cayenne pepper and lemon juice drink as the main juice during the cleansing, while other people will purchase special herbal tinctures and teas that are designed to be used in addition to the cayenne pepper and lemon juice drink.

A cleansing will usually last for about five days and can be repeated once every two to three months. It can be done in a couple of different ways. First, you can eat fresh fruits and veggies on the first and last day or you can do a five day juice fast and only consume liquids for the duration.

As soon as you wake up, soak the herbs that you use for the tea in distilled water. It should be the first thing you consume. You can use a juicer to juice the lemons and limes. The cleanse drink consists of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, lime juice and sixteen ounces of distilled water.

For the bladder tea, you’ll need to consume two cups of tea at a time, three times a day. The direction for preparations should be listed on the package.

The amount of fluids you consume  will depend on the type of cleansing you’re doing. During a typical juice fast you’ll want to try and drink around three quarts each day.

Are there any Side Effects from this type of Juice Cleanse?

It’s recommended to finish your cleanse early in the evening each day, in order to avoid having to use the bathroom frequently throughout the night. Getting enough sleep is important for best results during the cleansing. You should also do some light exercising during this time, in order to help promote circulation and aid the body in removing wastes and toxins. During this time you may feel hungry, irritable and tired. This is common during any type of juice cleanse and these symptoms should only last two to three days.

How to Maintain  Healthy Kidneys

Kidney disease is on the rise all over the country and some believe it’s a matter of living a life that focused on unhealthy food choices, lack of exercise, smoking and overuse of certain types of medications. Cleansing can certainly give these organs a boost in terms of functioning more efficiently, it’s important more than ever to make certain lifestyle changes in order to ensure that it remains healthy for the long haul.

A family history of kidney failure, diabetes or high blood pressure can put you at a higher risk for its complications in the future. But even if you or a loved one don’t fit into the high risk category, it’s still important to take care of these important organs.  There are a number of things you can do to encourage optimal function and keep them as healthy as possible during every stage of life.

Kidney Cleanse ideasCurrently, there have been no conclusive studies that have indicated that over-hydration is an effective practice in promoting its function. So, while it’s never a bad idea to ensure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, drinking more than eight glasses a day won’t affect function.

The kidneys are unable to handle a wide range of dietary habits, but most issues arise out of such medical conditions as diabetes and high blood pressure. Because of this, most health experts recommend following a healthy, moderate diet that focuses on blood pressure and weight control. Preventing high blood pressure and diabetes can help to keep the kidneys in top shape.

Getting in shape by working out a few times a week is great for your kidneys because regular exercise can help to prevent high blood pressure and weight gain. Keep in mind that it’s important to take it slow when you first begin working out. Overexerting yourself when you’re out of shape can put a big strain on the kidneys, especially if you work out so much that you cause an increased amount of muscle tissue breakdown.

Excessive amounts of certain herbal extracts and vitamin supplements can cause problems. Speak with your doctor about any type of herbs or supplements you plan to take, before you take them.

While smoking is known to cause lung cancer and heart disease it can also have a negative impact on  health. Smoking damages blood vessels, which in turn decreases the amount of blood that flows to the area. If the kidneys don’t have adequate blood flow they will be unable to function correctly. Smoking can also increase your risk of cancer and high blood pressure.

Common counter medications such as Motrin can cause severe damage if taken on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time. If you use these medications occasionally, they probably don’t pose much of a risk. However, if you take them for arthritis or chronic pain, speak with your doctor about monitoring your function and discuss alternative ways for pain management.

If you have either high blood pressure or diabetes, your doctor should screen your kidneys as part of your annual examination, and have an Herbal Kidney Cleanse.