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Causes of an Enlarged Kidney- How Much do You Know?

An enlarged kidney is usually a symptom of an underlying disorder or disease involving the kidneys. These illnesses and disorders can include a stone. A physician will first focus on determining the underlying cause, in order to treat this condition effectively. The Importance of Kidney Health Kidneys are vital to human survival. They work by […]

How a Renal Ultrasound Works – Helpful Guide

Renal Ultrasound

A renal ultrasound is a noninvasive procedure that is used to assess the location, size and shape of the kidneys. An ultrasound will allow for a quick visualization and the related structures. And it can also be used to assess the blood flow to the kidneys. Kidney Ultrasound Procedure The body will take nutrients from […]

Managing Your Low Potassium Diet

Potassium is a mineral that’s found in a number of foods and it plays a big role in keeping a person’s heartbeat regular and the muscles working correctly. Maintaining a low potassium diet is beneficial for your health.It’s the kidney’s job to keep the right amount in the body. When the kidneys are not functioning […]